A Mother of Days

The month of May brings me many hurdles now. Hurdles I had not anticipated when I began this journey.

There is Mother’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary and a class reunion.

I am blessed to admit that my mom, now 73, is still here to celebrate. And celebrate her I do, but not without a bit of chastising along the way.

You see … I have called my mom out on the carpet. It was a few years back, as I remember, when I said, through the tears, “You lied to me.”

I remember my mom being taken aback. She had raised her girls to be honest and was not big on even little white lies. “What do you mean?” I remember her asking me.

“You never told me I would become addicted … to my kids!”

Why is it that no one tells us that being a Mom can be addicting?


I never knew. I really did not. I know it now… but I was in the dark for so many years.

The birthday coincides with the anniversary. My son was born on the 21st day of May and this year will be my 21st anniversary of being a mom.

The reunion … well as I prepare to attend one of my 30th High School reunion gatherings, a Barb-B-Que, Saturday, I am reminded that one of my high school friends said, “Wow, look at you. When we were in school you said you never wanted kids and now you are here with one on your hip and one on the way.”

Janet was right. I was too afraid to have kids when I was in my teens. Guess I thought I would not be a good mom. But that was over 21 years ago. The reality of it all is — it was, in fact, my kids who changed that in me.

As a mother of three beauties I shall celebrate my children, as well as my mom, on the 14th of this month, because the reality is … I couldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day as fully if I didn’t have them.


(c) by Kathleen Kline
Dragonfly Desk

Kathleen Kline is a mother, writer and editor (line by line and developmentally) for hire and quilter who has been blessed to share the love of many things, including motherhood, with her children. She can be reached at http:KathleensDragonflyDesk.WordPress.com and/or TheHandMaiden_Kathleen@hotmail.com



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