8 years and 1 day


On Feb. 14th, I found myself sipping hot coffee and eating a tasty muffin in a coffee shop at the Los Angles International Airport. It was my 8th wedding anniversary. I was alone and some 2,200 miles away from the man I was married to. But sitting beside him made me feel like we were continents apart so… alone, not lonely, I sat.

You see — I was taking an airplane back to Ohio for our Final Divorce Hearing.

Feb 15th, my husband — okay so he was still my husband for at least a couple of hours — he met me at the bank. We signed over the cars and promised to meet in an hour at the courthouse. After all, we didn’t have much of a choice… it was a court order.

One hour later he exits the elevator on the third floor and hands me our son’s Christmas stocking. It was a nice gesture. You see, my mom made everyone in the family personalized crossed stitched stockings. Husband knew they meant a lot to us all. Guess I accidentally left it behind during my – we have too much stuff and it’s gonna cost me what? to ship this via the movers? – moments in December.

When we went in front of the judge, as hubby was suing me for divorce, he and his lawyer went first.

Then my lawyers asked me, “Kathleen, do you agree with what [hubby] said?”

I responded with much confidence, but with measured speech, “I believe … [hubby] believes we are now incompatible …” (I had counter sued him for “Irreconcilable differences”  and a few other charges. One look at the Judge and I knew she had read my charges). I then looked up at the judge, “and so I agreed to give him a divorce.” I saw the judge’s eyes twinkled a little and was that small smile I saw too?

There were only 5 questions to be answered.

The final one was, “What did you want your name to be changed to?”

I proudly answered this question. It was then I did get a noticeable smile from the judge when she heard me.

“I want my name changed back to the name I was born with Kline, K-L-I-N-E.”

In the wake of the murder of my son my marriage was killed too. But the love does not die.  I am still not sure how others think that just because a judge says, “you are divorced…” that the love stops.


(c) by Kathleen Kline
Dragonfly Desk

Kathleen Kline is a mother, writer and editor (line by line and developmentally) for hire and quilter who has been blessed to share the love of many things, including motherhood, with her children. She can be reached at http:KathleensDragonflyDesk.WordPress.com and/or TheHandMaiden_Kathleen@hotmail.com