Mind-ful Conversation — a continuing project (c)

Mind-ful Conversation — a continuing project (c).

When do you trade in legal justice for closure?
Now, I must say.

If these next steps we take,
that I allow to be taken in hopes of bringing closure to others … if it is true, then it will be worth it son, don’t you think so?

Good son, good. I knew that this would be how you would feel. I know you are not the only one dear boy.

Yes, son, with the blessing of God I hope this turns out to come to fruition and a relatively positive outcome.

Yes son, these other families deserve closure and the bodies brought “home”. Yes Lovie, yes.

Mind-ful Conversation — a continuing project (c)


I bet he is shaking in his state issued orange crocks now…. Huh!

Yes, you heard that news coverage correctly, “Another woman, kidnapped and raped while she was walking home from the grocery store.”

Yes, that woman sounds like she is willing to testify. Yes, other females in Oklahoma are too… yes, there are three there as well.

Yes Lovie, 1990 means he’s been doing this stuff since he was 19, and earlier, too.

I, too, am wondering how many more victims will be coming out of the woodwork.

You are right; there is no way to approve of what he has done. But I do not know of a lot of people that would approve of his choices of behaviors. I know no God who would approve. No God I know; no God his Pastor of a mother knows. No, Lovie, no God that you now know.

The life of lies are coming to the surface.

Yes, DNA is a wonderful thing. It has a lasting effect in life doesn’t it…. Yes, it even has a lasting effect after death son. Good one.
I find myself wondering how much more does the DNA collected off of you hold? How many more crimes will be revealed? This DNA … it continues to reveal so much more.

Yes, your sister is hopeful, if not naïve, in her hopes that the rewards for this family will come through easily, but the more crimes that are coming to light, the more charges. The more delays, the more uncertainty and yet the more damaging.

Holding him accountable is important… and now… that “… fire bombing at that mall…” makes me wonder what other crimes he will be attached to. ….