It’s Not About Me… It’s about Ethan

Mind-full Conversation ….

“Are you going to go to the Sentencing?”

This question, son, shocks me. I find myself appalled at the mere asking.

But then I realize that I have come to this place in life from a different path than this person and a multitude of others, for that matter.

I am not one who withers away from the difficult, as you know Lovie.

You and I have stood up against others together before my love. Not sure why others think now will be different. I will continue to stand tall for you, for you sisters, for others – as you would expect of me and have come to know I would do.

None-the-less, this is what I told the asking party:

“Of course I going to it. I’m going to stand up for Ethan as I always have (and Amanda too). It’s my job as my son’s mother. Others may be able to stay away, others may need to stay away for their own self centered reasons, but this not about them or me… this is about Ethan.

“Add to that that Ethan and I’ve always stood up for each other. He deserves the voice! The murdering fool needs to be reminded that Ethan matters; for that matter so does the media and the court. Just because Ethan was robbed of his life his voice shall not be silenced. All victims deserves a voice. So I a will endure any and all pain necessary to give that to my first born. Honoring the sacrifices my loving child made.”

I love you Ethan James Dorand Kline Walton. I know you know this.