Who’s Awakening Is It Really?

Lord, this being a parent is tough.

I know You’ve seen fit to bless me with babies; three.
I have raised them up, without a script.
I have flown by the seat of my pants most of the way.
Even 23 years later I still am, it seems.

No apology from me for loving these creatures.
No apology from me for keeping so close to them that many might have thought there was      a magnetic connection between us at times.
Their safety was of utmost importance to me and mine theirs.
Oh how close we were, the four of us.
It was us against him.
We survived because of each others’ dedication to each other.

Love is a bind that ties. And oh how we loved each other.
We were isolated at times, but I know they knew it was for the best.
My intent was to raise them up with the fierce love that I felt grow from the very first
moment I knew I was with child;
With the fierce pride I did not know I had;
With the fierce protection that came naturally to me.

Now, all three of my beauties have flown the nest.
Each experiencing their own awakening within their own time line.
The blades of restlessness cut a path in the lives of us all.

May these beauties come to understand that their awakenings are supported as best I can,
With Love
With shaking hands
With trepidation as they test the wind beneath their wings.

May they try to understand that I fight the urge to pigeonhole them into what I see best for
them while they learn and adapt to their awakenings.

I still see them on wobbly legs.

Lord, please give me the strength not to run to their side and help them up as I did when
they were little.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Awakening Is It Really?

  1. I, too, raised kids, four actually. I believe what you are feeling is the difference between having children, and having adult children. There is a space we must offer them, as adults, which suggests our respect and understanding. We still care (boy do we care!) and we still have so much more information, guidance, instruction to impart. But we are asked to take a step back and view them differently. Which you stated so eloquently in this sentence: “The blades of restlessness cut a path in the lives of us all.” It is another transition, rite of passage, and season of change in our ever-altering environments that we wish could stay the same for just a bit longer. Well said.

  2. Thank you Wendy!
    Thank you.

    It is one of the most difficult things… taking that step back and watching from the sidelines their new unsteady steps. But here in the shadows I shall remain, just as you are.


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