“First Time Shame on You” available in Tales of Our Lives!

Tales of Our Lives-Cover-Volume-1
Jan. 8, 2016 TALES OF OUR LIVES, a two-volume anthology of 81 inspiring true stories, published by Knowledge Access Books, was released to the public via Amazon.com. I am honored to announce my story: “First Time Shame on You” is in volume one — Fork in the Road.

Tales of Our Lives Volume 1, Fork in the Road, is a compilation of 42 stories separated into six sections while Volume 2, Reflection Pond, is a compilation consisting of eight divisions with 39 stories within.

This two-volume set is an example of women’s desire to record, examine, understand and report life journeys. In an era of reality shows that aren’t close to reality, the authentic voices of these authors stand out, clearly conveying their heartfelt stories. As you read, you’ll find yourself laughing, crying and even cheering the women on, according to Editor Matilda Butler.

The stories in the two volumes of Tales of Our Lives will let you travel down the path of life with women authors who are willing, and able, to “reveal the people and events that made all the difference in their lives. [T]hese are stories that made them who they are [today],” Butler noted.

Much honesty is used as my fellow women authors and I pull back the blinds and let you, the reader, get a glimpse into the situations that helped shape our lives.

Memoirs are the stories of our lives – small and big alike – as we recall them. So drop on by Amazon.com, look up Tales of Our Lives and see if you can get in on the reduced prices as a way of saying ‘thanks for reading what taught us to be who we are.”

Each volume will be $ .99 for the first 53 hours, beginning Jan. 8, 2016, (a 75% discount); $1.99 for the second 53 hours (a 50% discount); $2.99 for the remaining 54 hours (a 25% discount), and then the regular price of $3.99.

The above discount is only available in the US (www.amazon.com) Amazon does allow a discount in the UK (www.amazon.co.uk) but with slightly different terms due to conversion rates. 

I hope you enjoy your reads. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy Reading,
Kathleen Kline