Hints of Holiday Spirit

Note: This Flash Fiction was inspired by Creative Copy Challenge #511 and the bold typed words were part of the challenge.

“Mum, why are you just sitting, motionless, computer-side?” she looked up from the keyboard she had not touched in hours, past the ceiling that held the roof and the snow, toward the voice she knew she was the only one to hear it. “If you sit there much longer Hypothermia will set in.”

“I know son. You are right,” she said softly.

“Why don’t you go stand or sit by the fire while this nor’easter blows through?”

She rose, albeit hesitantly, at his suggestion. As she approached the fireplace the warmth from the flames fleeced the chill that had been settling into her bones. She rubbed her hands together as she held her hands above the flame.

The woolens that covered her legs began to hold the heat.

“Remember how we used to fight to get the best spot, in front of the fire?”

The corners of her mouth began to rise. “Yes, you three standing there in your longjohns, sniffles egged on by the mention of coco and stories….”

“And one of us trying to get you to say… move over and give – whoever sniffled – a closer spot next to the fire!” the glee in her son’s voice was undeniable. “Wasn’t there something about sugarplum fairies and who knows what else?” He did not wait for an answer, “Those were great times Mum.”

“I am glad you think so Lovie. They were apt entertainment on the ranch and for childhood.”

“They helped with those dreary long Colorado days Mum.”

“Thanks son, for saying that … for stopping by today. Your visits help keep the ice crystals from adhereing to my heart, well, at least for long periods of time.”

“Awe mum, you’re not cold hearted, dad lied about that for years, you are just broken hearted.”

“You are right Lovie. But I did smile, deep down inside, at the neighbor’s lights display this year; it has music and all.”

“I saw that Mum. I miss the house aglow in lights too.”



2 thoughts on “Hints of Holiday Spirit

  1. That was a very authentic, and heart warming scene. Your style; in my opinion, is very authentic and professional. It read as though it was a story in a novel that I had picked up off the shelf at the library. Good work sister. Keep at it.

  2. Igneousmouse ~~ Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you like it. Because of your note, I re-read it and it made me smile again. Thank you for that gift of encouragement, too.


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