January Musing

NOTHING holds a candle to the birth of a child


The first time I got to SEE her

A WAVE of love still washes over me, even 29 years later

The image of her on the BEACH in California, playing in the SAND and the SEA!

My love is not for SALE

But I will put it on the wind and SAIL it off in her direction

I hope she knows I love her still

As I sit here BEACHED in my memories

This poem was inspired by the http://CreativeCopyChallenge.WordPress.com #644. The Challenge words are CAPATALIZED.

Managing The Mind

Where has writing taken me?

I know I have used this space to express feelings – some universal, some hopefully
experienced by few. Those feelings, of late, found me writing (and re-writing)
chapters 1 – 13 of one memoir. And what great progress I was making in late
2020 and early to mid-2021. When another story, one I had written a short story
about no less than a decade before, started knocking on my writer’s door. It
became louder and louder. I attempted to ignore it. Telling myself, ‘But I want
to get this one done.’

Sometimes, I have found, you just need to answer that door, open it and be
willing to address the visitor(s) before they become an unwanted guest(s).

It seems the story – My Life In The Dark – would not be
silenced. It would not wait. It seems it had waited long enough.

I started, or is it restarted, this second story that was demanding to be
told. I am now hitting the keys. I am up to chapter 23 and letting chapter 24
move me along the storyline. I am not sure how many chapters this manuscript
will end up having but write it I will.

I will not allow my adventure into script writing to derail me and this
story that is crying out to be told. Although it was a fun break and respite.

It seems there is much writing to be done and between My Life In The
and the restart of the Creative Copy Challenges (here on WordPress).
I will be feeding the writing beast and … well, maybe I will be able to come out
with Volume II of my short stories in 2022 (or 2023) along with being close to
if not in the publishing phase of My Life In The Dark.

What passions do you see yourself working on in 2022?