30 Days of Thankfulness

November has signified 30-days of thankfulness, for me (and others) for many years. It’s a kick start, really. You see there is actually a “30 Days of Thankfulness” challenge that I have participated in for years. Each year it often occurs in the month of November.

Here is my challenge to you:

First, you will need some paper and a writing utensil. I suggest that you get a small notebook or journal to write these things down in. Get one you like, in the color(s) you like because it will encourage you to keep on track with the challenge as well as complete the full 30-days.

Or if you are crafty this is a good time to make this a fun journal making project in preparation for this challenge. It only will take 8-pages of copy/printer paper or lined paper folded in half. You can staple them or punch holes in them and tie a string or ribbon in the holes.

Then pick a time of your day in which you can devote a few minutes of your time to meet the challenge.

If you are an “early morning” person search your previous day’s events and find something you are thankful for, something you appreciate. Now starting with your journal with “Day 1” and then write what you are thankful for in your journal for that day.

But wait, I bet some of you are wondering what type of things to write down.

Well, let’s think… what are some of the things you can be thankful for?

For me, there are days I am thankful for the air I breathe. Other days I am thankful for the kindness shown to me. Yet still, there are days I am thankful for the memories of my mother, son, brothers and some treasured pets who are dearly departed. Heck, over the years, I am sure there are days I have been thankful for being able to get out of bed or walk (but that is because I broke a leg, severely – amputated my left foot and ankle – a few years back). I have even been thankful for getting 6 hours of sleep, consecutive.

Your notes/writings do not need to be long. Actually, it is often suggested to have the “penning’s” be about 40 words. As you see above, some of the things I have previously been thankful for have been 7 to 10 words long. Hence, it’s not a challenge designed to add stress to your life. It is actually designed to remind you of all of the things, big and small, that you can and do appreciate.

Here’s to hoping this helps you start a new tradition in your family’s and your life – the acknowledgment of thankfulness.

Write on!

6 Years and Counting

Mind-full Conversation …

                                                    a continuing set of chats

It is not cruel and unusual punishment to keep him locked away in that institution nor his sister-wife. I hate it when folks forget how inhumane the Orange Blob’s treatment of you was (and of others).

I love it how the cops call here the “Swife”.

It is comical, isn’t it Lovie.


So, momma….

Yes, Lovie.

After all those interviews  she looked up to the sky … Did they get all the information they needed … to help the families of some of his first victims?

No Lovie. It seems there is still some more interest in getting more out of him.

So they think what he has told them has some merit?

It seems so.

Are there industry standards for how much they can get with this plea bargain?
No, each plea bargain is written specific to the criminal.

Will they keep you informed of progress?

Yes, Lovie. After all, they would not have made the leaps and bounds in these cases if your murder had not provided them with the DNA. Plus, the facts are so similar they seem to mergeinto one big case. They keep me up to date, I insist on it. Heck, I email them on your birth date, your death date and now the death date of the two others.

Sept. 8th, marks 6 years since my son, Ethan JD Kline Walton was robbed of his life and other horrendous acts were played out on other family members of mine. My “Mind-full Conversation” are things I would say to my son, as if her were still here, allowing me to share information with others as well.

Things you can’t say in court, but it sure would be fun to…

Your honor, what makes this bastard think he has the right to stomp all over the rights of anyone, let alone my kids! (Okay, your honor, it is reported his mother and father were married when he was born.)

Having children and living with your sister, I don’t care if she is your half-sister… it’s not right … on oooh ssssoooo many levels!

Are there associations for incestuous bastards? Bet there is where you are going! (Sorry your honor you asked me not to address the defendant. My bad.)

Who thinks that it is okay to have a brandy with your sister, pursue her like she’s “just the gal next door,” bed her down, live with her as your wife, and father your twin nieces? Who? Who?
It’s just not natural!

The services I know you deserve are not allowed in this civilized nation we live in, but I have already volunteered to help with them if I could.
Castration. Skinning, after all I am good at both, but I would work on not doing my best job, just for you. Torturing — I can learn, after all, I am inspired by your cruelty, I could learn to give you a life lesson: “and eye for an eye”.

Wonder if I could find someone willing to violate you, repeatedly, against your will while you worried about a loved one? Hummm.

There is a valley, a valley in your life that is covered in shale. That flaky slippery slope you have been traveling on is mainly covered in “oh sh**” and his name is Ethan. His name is Ethan! Did you hear me? His name is E-t-h-a-n, Ethan! You may have taken his life, cut it short, but now you have met your match.

Bet you didn’t think that 19-year-old would get the best of you… did you, you orange clad blob?

I bet you expected the son of my ex-husband to show up that day. But, you were wrong. Dead wrong. You see I have raised-up our son. Ethan may have had a lot of youthful looks that one could imagine the ex had in his own youth, but the boy, the young bourgeoning man that showed up to deal with you one-on-one as an adult … that was MY son! And he bested you.
 He became that which you denied would come – your equalizer. Because God decided you needed to be stopped.

Remember that, you horse’s backside: a 19-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl were sent by God to stop you. And stop you they have.

Sure, your pastor of a mom teaches, “an eye for an eye” – to others.
I hope you learn this first and for years to come.

Sure, your pastor of a mom teaches, “thou shall not kill” – to others.
Oh wait… were you out of class on that teaching day?
Oh wait… that is not something that is only taught on one day of a person’s life. Did you show up at all to these lessons? Did she choose not to teach her own?

Sure, your pastor of a mom teaches, “thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor” – to others.
But isn’t that just what you did when you lied and told the cops Ethan and his gal where there to “rob” you? Guess the good Lord saw to that being proven to be “false witnessing”.

Sure, your pastor of a mom teaches, “not to covet thy neighbor’s house”— to others.
Yet you killed Ethan over a piece of land he was selling you.

Sure, your pastor of a mom teaches, “honor they father and thy mother” – to others.
Do you really think your actions as a serial kidnapper, serial murderer, serial rapist, serial incestuous creep actually honor your parents?

Maybe your momma didn’t teach you. Well, we can see she didn’t. You didn’t mom.
She certainly knew you were a bad seed; you knew, dam you, you knew.
She certainly knew that you accosted your own sisters.
She should have stopped you. You should have stopped him!

I wonder… did you, mom, really think that becoming a pastor would ensure any absolution for yourself, for your failings or absolve of your son’s bad acts?

You were wrong. You both were wrong on many levels.

Sorry judge. They were wrong your honor. They were wrong.

Your honor, don’t you think there is a proper cell awaiting her too for her apathetic ways?

When turning OFF the tracking of your Editing of a Document is more beneficial for you and your clients!

Have you ever been frustrated by the Edit Tracking feature in your MS Word program? I have.

Years ago, 15 plus now, I found the – tracking of editing – function included in my MS Word program… well, it was irritating at best. Okay, it was a smidgen helpful… but, it was difficult to follow for myself and for all of my clients. But all has not been lost.

You see, I was lucky enough to have a couple of sight-impaired clients who needed an easier system. They needed a system that would enable them to know what they needed changed and easily understand why this editor saw the need for a change in their manuscript(s). This inspired me to devise a color-coded editing system for my sight impaired client(s). And then I said to myself (and I recognized it to be me because I sounded so much like myself) why limit this color-coded editing system to just your partially sighted clients; especially when this system helps you be consistent?

It’s not a big mystery that tracking the changes in some manner is a good idea, but how and what works best? I am not sure if I can say what is the best way, but I know I have found something that works.

Personally, I change the colors of the fonts as follows:

Blue — I use this color to indicate something I have change or added in.
 For example: if I change a comma to a period, if I change a lower case letter to an upper case letter… I turn that blue. If I add words into a sentence, to flesh out the sentence or make it say what they meant to say or correct the tense of a word… I turn that blue as well.

Red — I use this color font for my questions, i.e. [did you mean John or Sam …?]

Purple — I sometimes highlight the thing that I have the question about.

Yellow — I turn the font yellow and add a Strikethrough for punctuation and words I believe need to be taken out of the document.

Green — I use this color font for my general comments.

In addition, I put my comments in square brackets so they stand out and are easier to remove later.

Editing is a meant to aid others by setting a fresh set of educated unbiased eyes on something written. This Color-Coded Editing system was born out of necessity over 15 years ago by me to help others. I quickly came to find it most helpful to all of my clients and myself. Because they can, for example, blow up the page, via the “View” and “Zoom” function, big as they need it, scroll down the document whether it is a one page resume, a short story, white paper, or a full manuscript and not only see the changes/edits, but address, for example all of the Red (the unclear spots in their manuscript) and know that this editor has questions about what they wrote and something needs clarifying. Thus making the unclear thoughts etc. easier to locate and something they can deal with first before going back and looking at the things I think they should take out and the things I have added in.

One client would even send me the chapters back with all of the color-coded editing marks in it, plus one more. He would answer my questions, which he found in Red, in Brown which helped me finish the editing of that section.

I have also found that if someone makes me laugh or cry or actually feel something, I let them know this via the Green comments. It’s a great way to give feedback to things. And if you are helping the writer learn a bit about English grammar or merely let them know why you are making a certain change, you may even say something towards the affect of [we put the punctuation inside the quotation marks.]

…Again, I think every director should know the craft terms, or in other words know the tools terms of the actors and directors use (objectives, action verbs, images, substitutions, inner monologue and so on). While keeping in mind that you are doing your work, you should stand your ground as an artist. We will explore 17 tools of director [do you mean ‘of direction’ or ‘that directors use’?] in this chapter with samples and explanations.

One of the essential duty duties and responsibility responsibilities of a director is directing actors. We are beginning our critical look into the director’s “toolbox” – discovering, step-by-step, what it takes and what you need to know in order to direct actors successfully. [In this paragraph, Sentence 2, you speak of actors staying true to their craft and now you are, in Sentence 5, you are switching and speaking to directors. This is not good.] First at all, the director is an artist. Directing is a craft. Good directing is a skill. [Good. I like the short sentences and you make good points here.] ….

This Color-Coded system works for me as well when the client subsequently decides they want a clean copy sent back to them, because I know what is highlight and meant to be kept and what needs to be delete before selecting “All” and turning the copy to black. I hope it inspires you to devise your own, piggy-back off of mine or just let you know that you are not alone when it comes to desiring a less cumbersome way to track your edits, do a good jog, help your clients and make your response to their work easy for them to understand and follow.

Happy Editing.